Spring 2015 Inside Scoop

Spring and Summer Splendor!


What Was……..?

Spring has proved to be the best ever! After wrapping up this cold winter with our fun schooling shows,

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ECSJ shows started locally

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and we have taken to the road and traveled a lot this Spring to some bigger shows.

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Some of the horse show highlights include…….
Sabotage Z and Danielle finished qualifying for the fall finals for the USEF National Medal and the ASPCA Regional Maclay with double points.
Imaroan and Tabitha were Reserve Champions in Pre Children’s Ponies.
Harvey Davidson with Kathleen and Emma earned great ribbons in Pre Children’s Ponies and Short Stirrup. Firefly and Issy received great ribbons in the children’s pony division and were 2nd in the medal.
Osprey Lane with Christina, and  Wilhelm with Cristyn won classes in their divisions.
Congratulations to all the tri colors!
Firefly and Issy: Champion in the Children’s Ponies. 2nd in Medal.
Tiny Tunes and Robbie: Reserve Champion in Children’s Ponies. Classic Winner. 2nd in Medal
Jelly Bean and Emma: Reserve Champion in Children’s Ponies.
LaVie’s Legacy and Caitie: Champion in Pre Child Hunters
Ospray Lane and Christina: Champion in Pre Child Hunters
Best in Blue and Kelsey: Reserve Champion in Pre Child Hunters
Imaroan and Tabitha: Reserve Champion in Pre Child Pony Hunters
Glencoe Charter Party and Elise: Champion in Children’s Ponies
Gingersnap and Emma: Reserve Champion in Children’s Hunter Ponies
Alexander’s Moonwalk and Emma: Medal Winner
10495362_10207241618704794_5898266081063964986_o 10873368_10207241635825222_2243359947596793475_o 11052368_10206707624155264_4750062889741372123_n 11053278_10206707590874432_8029686440679856600_n 11070497_10206424832363429_1111414653831965825_n 11072347_10206707598354619_3035569130972340144_o 11156204_10206844688661791_3753027298464665134_n 11393179_10207198472226159_8094547488421182097_n 11393369_10207241623304909_5157304483708389658_o 11411735_10207241645865473_3411438772411214408_o
A magical weekend
Wilhelm and Cristyn qualified for Junior Hunter Finals with a reserve champion in the 3’3 Junior Hunters and then placed 3rd in the $1500 Hunter Prix on their first leg of qualifying for the $250,000 Final in September!
10399430_10206945495221892_2648885833556230571_n 11008487_10206848867526260_1565160320742853782_o
Jelly Bean and Emma qualified for the Large Green Pony Finals by earning the championship ribbon. This pair were also Reserve Champion in the schooling pony hunters.
11169877_10206849650145825_2522983554676089139_n 11182097_10206849652865893_2617679268446200451_n
LaVie’s Legacy and Caitie were Champion in the TB Hunters, Reserve Champion in the Culpeper Children’s Hunters, and winners of the Bit O’ Straw Classic.
1508099_10206945201974561_6140762418439274784_n 11160558_732133426903337_8935311710229216109_n
Fortissimo and Faith were Champion in the Novice Equitation.

1555367_10206848793724415_5861476040540764372_n 11077780_10206651723197775_7669762414974869236_o

Fortissimo and Kendall were 1st and 2nd in the Adult Equitation.
22289_10206944715282394_7387421594360186344_n 11012725_10206849646385731_8355623724745884469_o
Sabotage Z and Danielle were winners in the Jr/Amateur Horsemanship Class and 4th in the Equitation Classic held in the Grand Prix Ring.
1510025_10206848849525810_6286715481091732395_n 11193396_10206945231535300_3828921520826083084_n
Osprey Lane and Christina were class winners in the Novice Eq On the flat and received other ribbons throughout the weekend.
11129146_10206844716662491_4867778042805129543_n  11170290_10206848792964396_1357149047780698393_o
Alexander’s Moonwalk won a class in the Children’s Ponies and received a 5th in the Classic.
11175042_10206848778604037_7362023669038372977_n unnamed (3)
Elevation 1147 and Kendall were ribbon winners in the Adult Jumpers.
11149793_10206849658506034_2536680030905266718_o 11175014_10206849656745990_2659019837645504735_n

Great weather makes Garden State great and it was Great this year!
Fortissimo was Champion in the Adult Equitation Division and winner of the Ariat Medal with Kendall.  He also got strong ribbons in the 3’3 Performance Hunters with Chrissy.
10463768_10206945488461723_5354123359711079378_o 11129406_10206848795164451_7228490399589246100_o 11188309_10206944717522450_7043905240121955329_n
Wilhelm was Champion in the 3’3 Junior Hunters with Cristyn.
Jelly Bean was Reserve Champion with Emma in the Large Green Pony Hunters.
10452347_10206945195414397_6675181668326829137_n 11205524_10206944686961686_113944890240228253_n
Elevation 1147 won the Trooper Derby Qualifier Class on Friday and was the fastest four faulter in Sunday’s Classic picking up the 3rd place ribbon with Kendall.
11206100_10206944689161741_1588079371587099246_n 11206881_10206945493581851_8751226299632059087_o
LaVie’s Legacy ribboned in the TB Derby and then continued to get great ribbons all weekend in really large classes with Caitie.
1508099_10206945201974561_6140762418439274784_n 11000597_10206945491181791_985457186652419915_o
Osprey Lane proved versatile earning great ribbons in the hunters and equitation with Christina out of many competitors.
11068053_10206848790964346_8895661165515183459_n 11151051_10206945497901959_4033726725015269471_n
Firefly and Issy had a great weekend in the Children’s Hunter Ponies earning ribbons.
10482035_10206945168173716_2196561127589764478_o 11146107_10206945166413672_4297740741226308138_o
Harvey Davidson was excited to go to such a big event with Emma and Kathleen and rocked the Pre Child Pony Hunters and Short Stirrup Divisions.
10514272_10206945175333895_4135844097608678833_o 11099382_10206945480941535_7306025039174524487_n
Glencoe Charter Party won the medium Pony Hunter Hack and ribboned in her division with Elise.
10394061_10206945185774156_5079671400041624392_n 10625072_10206707615395045_3726426393002537664_n
Fortissimo and Kendall won the Ariat again! Fortissimo also did the USHJA Hunter Derby with Chrissy just missing the cut off for the second round. SO Fun!
Elevation 1147 and Kendall were 3rd in the Adult Jumper Classic with a really fast double clear round.
Wilhelm and Cristyn were Reserve Champions in the 3’3 Junior Hunter Olders and 2nd in the Junior Hunter Classic put of all the Junior Hunter Sections!
Alexander’s Moonwalk and Emma had a great weekend in the Medium Green Ponies earning great ribbons with really strong rounds both days.
“Where Champions Meet”
Sabotage Z and Danielle had a great Devon again this year. Very proud! Position is beautiful and Sabotage’s form is pretty fine as well!
 10688_10207207515812243_4908956562165586577_n 10421171_10207207516252254_3778614077544131472_n
Elevation 1147 and Kendall! The weekend dreams come true…..
Not only did you qualify to be there, you rode against the top 20 adult jumpers in the country, you ribboned in every class, you WON the first class, and you earned the reserve Champion ribbon. So proud and happy for this huge accomplishment!!
LaVie’s Legacy and Caitie earned the Reserve Champion ribbon in the Modified Children’s Hunters and were 4th in the Bit O’ Straw Classic. They can show rain or shine!
11227951_10207198445025479_1258571045735417951_n 11392922_10207198446145507_2015849133471988965_n
Osprey Lane and Christina were Reserve Champion in the Novice Equitation and 9th in the Bit O Straw Classic.
11027932_10207198441065380_6550112566581511028_n 11150492_10207198446305511_7271969496987336065_n 11181207_10207198447345537_6593960972933330256_n
Alexander’s Moonwalk and Jelly Bean ribboned in the pony hunter divisions with Emma, and Jelly Bean won his hack class on Friday.
10012752_10207198448865575_4847193557449604581_o 11129201_10207198454265710_2038441091287041764_o 11377092_10207198464545967_7387513165803298331_n
Elevation 1147 was 3rd on Saturday and just out of the ribbons in Sunday’s Classic with the fastest four faults with Kendall.
Tiny Tunes and Robbie picked up a ribbon in the M&S Medal and jumped in great form all weekend.
Firefly and Issy ribboned both days in the Children’s pony and medal classes with a smile.
Wilhelm and Cristyn won both of their equitation classes on Saturday and received the 11th place ribbon in the Hunter Prix on Sunday.

What Is……..?

Congratulations to our new teams!
La Vie’s Legacy and Caitie are having a great start to the new show season. We are so happy that the girls have found each other and are developing into such a great team!
Imaroan and Tabitha are a perfect match! These two are continuing to enjoy every minute they spend with each other!
Countdown and Faith are very anxious to start showing together! They are already best of friends and we all look forward to what the future holds for this special pair!


Check out Danielle’s article in the Ocean City Sentinel about signing to University to Georgia and riding on the NCAA Equestrain Team. Everyone wishes her the best of luck this fall as she attends college! Go to OC Sentinel and search Danielle Walawender to read the article posted May 21.
Go to www.phelpsmediagroup.com and read all about Kendall’s Ariat win on Pembrook Farm’s Fortissimo at Blue Rock Horse Show from May 16.

What’s Coming……?

Summer Camp is right around the corner, only 4 weeks this year!  We are going to have ECSJ sanctioned dressage shows this summer at the farm and of course the jumps will be up in the field to jump, jump, jump! The rest of the time will be spent horsing around at some of the best horse shows in the Northeast! Good Luck to our riders with their horses and ponies as we head to Middlesex County, Lake Placid, Brandywine, and HITS. Then its off to Stirrup Cup Finals and Marshall and Sterling Finals to wrap up the summer.
Special congratulations to Wil and Cristyn for qualifying for the Junior Hunter Finals and to Danielle and Sabotage Z for qualifying for the Hunterdon Cup to be held at the conclusion of the Brandywine Horse Show at the Devon Show Grounds. We are so proud of these two special teams and look forward to an exciting final! Way to Go!
11070945_10206944707402197_5084905446304868641_n 11149767_10206848866406232_951916789187204218_o 11170310_10206848850485834_71824327333356851_o 11188481_10206945495981911_3799228396516935334_n
Woohoo! Jelly Bean and Alexander’s Moonwalk with Emma, are heading to Kentucky for the US National Pony Finals in August to be held at the Kentucky Horse Park.  Good Luck and Enjoy Every Minute! Its going to be a great pony party!
11040953_10206849653945920_5560151364406611703_o 11174359_10206848785884219_1921582471488351882_o 11196235_10206945194534375_940217291760238601_n unnamed (3) unnamed (4)
Now hopefully the summer won’t go by so fast! Here’s to sunny horse shows and enjoying the time we spend with our horses and ponies.