Winter 2015 Inside Scoop

Happy New Year!

As we look back on 2014, there were so many great moments filled with fun!

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We look forward to continued health and happiness to all as we jump into a great 2015!

What Was and What Is…..

What a great second half of the year it has been. After a successful summer show season, we continued with fantastic fall finals and a great Love of Linda Benefit Horse Show here at the farm. The farm has finished our lovely viewing room just in time for the cold weather and our new indoor and outdoor footing is shaping up great. Our winter schooling and M&S pointed horse shows are underway and the ECSJ Banquet is just a week away!  So much has happened in the last six months it’s hard to know where to begin. So I am just going to go down the barn aisle and catch up on each horse and pony……..

Starting with our adorable lesson ponies; Tigger, Piper, and Sky, had a great summer in camp and then continued success at all the ECSJ Horse Shows throughout the area in the fall.

 IMG_1302  IMG_1300 IMG_1297 IMG_1299 IMG_1303  IMG_1301

Then starting down the barn aisle in the same order they get their breakfast….

Harvey Davidson had a great year with his two riders, Emma and Kathleen! Emma and Harvey were Series Champion in Beginner Rider at Star Hollow Stables and Pembrook Farm and picked up the Reserve Champion tri color at Duncraven and Gleneayre Horse Shows throughout the season.  Kathleen and Harvey were Champion at Brandywine, 4-H Fair, and Series Champion at Pembrook, Reserve Champion at Duncraven and Series Reserve Champion at Star Hollow.  Good Luck to the girls on their continued success with Harvey throughout the new show season.

harvey    harvey1 harvey2  harvey3

Elevation 1147 (also known as Lotta) and Kendall have become quite the dynamic duo in the jumper ring! They were double clear and in the ribbons every time out this season.  They won classes at Middlesex, Brandywine, Monmouth, and HITS Saugerties this summer.  They continued with strong finishes and great ribbons at M&S Finals and Capital Challenge.  Congratulations to both girls on finding each other and Lotta joining Kendall’s Family.  Good Luck this year as they continue in the adult jumpers, go fast and jump clear.

 lotta3 lotta2 lotta1 lotta

Gingersnap and Caitie had a wonderful year with a fantastic fall.  This pair was Champion at the Mid Atlantic Equitation Finals in the Novice Equitation, and earned great ribbons at Capital Challenge and M&S Finals. At the Stirrup Cup Finals in Harrisburg, they won a class each day in the equitation and the hunters. They were also Reserve Champion at Brandywine in the Children’s Ponies. Good Luck to Caitie as she moves on to the horses this year.

 ginger3 ginger2 ginger1 Gingersnap

Sabotage Z and Danielle.  The year dreams came true. Dream to qualify for the Hunterdon Cup at the National Junior Hunter Finals was realized. In the final,  they had such a great 1 st round, they made it to the top 25 for the 2nd round, and then finished 11 th out of 90 riders. Dream to be selected for the EAP clinic, and the two of you were chosen.  The two of you shined and got the opportunity to learn so much from grand prix rider, Candace King, for an entire week. At the end of the summer, this pair tried their hand in their first hunter derby and placed 3rd in the $5000 Duncraven Hunter Derby. After all the showing success this summer, dreams continued to come true, as they qualified for all the national equitation finals.  The fall proved to be wonderful as they competed at Maclay Regionals, Capital Challenge, USEF Medal Final, and PHA Medal Final. And at the Mid Atlantic Equitation Festival they started the journey to qualify for the 2015 Equitation Finals.  The superhero costume was definitely the right choice and then they finished 8th in the Young Rider Championship.  Congratulations and to continued success as this great pair continue in the Big Eq for 2015!

Sabotage sabotage1 sabotage2 sabotage3

Las Vegas has been enjoying being King of the Hill at Pembrook with his relaxing days with Chris and an occasional horse show with Peggy in the long stirrup and pleasure divisions here at the Pembrook Farm Horse Shows.

vegas1  vegas

Fortissimo has had a great fall finals, after assisting Kendall in qualifying for the Ariat National Adult Finals by placing in the top 4 at HITS, Brandywine, Monmouth, and Middlesex, they earned enough points to compete at Capital Challenge in the Ariat Adult Medal Finals with a great showing. They returned to the Prince George Stadium for the Mid Atlantic Equitation Festival and ribboned in every class and placed 3rd in the Adult Rider Championship. 2015 looks bright for “Moe” as he and Faith have joined forces to tackle the upcoming show season.  Good Luck to you both on a great partnership and successful show season!

Fortissimo Fortissimo1 Fortissimo2

Picasso and Olivia have been enjoying time together on college breaks. Congratulations to Ricky and Olivia on qualifying and competing at Ariat Adult Medal Finals at Capital Challenge and Good Luck in 2015 with her new horse, Cocoa, at WEF this winter.

Picasso Picasso1 Picasso2

Firefly (also known as Ruby) has joined forces with Issy in the children’s ponies for 2015.  We welcome Ruby to the team and we are so lucky to have such a fun pony in the barn.  At their first two shows at CJL, this pair was reserve champion and then champion!  Good Luck to both the girls on their continued success and to a fun year in everything they do together!

ruby1 ruby

Hillcrest Leading Lady had a great 2014 with her two riders, Tabitha and Emma. Tabitha and Lady enjoyed being Champion at Gleneayre and a class winner at Brandywine in the Short Stirrup along with lots of tri-color ribbons in multiple ECSJ shows throughout the Fall. Emma enjoyed Lady winning the hack classes at HITS weeks 2 and 6 out of over 20 ponies. This pair also had a great showing at the Zone II Stirrup Cup Finals by placing in every class at the end of the summer, in the hunters and equitation. The fall finals proved fab by ribbons at Capital Challenge in the hunters and a strong showing in the children’s equitation at the M&S Finals by placing 2nd in the Hudson Eq and 9th in the Children’s Equitation Final.  This pair topped off the year by winning the Boot and Bridle Medal Final. Lady will be missed by us all as she returned home to her owners to teach new little ones this year.

Lady Lady1 Lady2 Lady3 Lady4

Well that’s everyone in the main barn, now moving on to the “pony barn”, which has more horses than ponies……..


Best In Blue (also known as Dillon) has enjoyed another successful year in dressage with DebAnne and hunters and equitation with Kelsey.  DebAnne and Dillon have enjoyed themselves at their dressage shows at the Woodbine Equestrian Center and an occasional hack in the back field up and down the hill at the canter!  DebAnne is an inspiration to us all! This combination has truly a special bond. When Dillon isn’t practicing his dressage tests he is shining in the hunters with Kelsey.  This pair has been successful at CJL, Duncraven, and all the Pembrook Shows throughout the fall.  Good Luck to this duo as they continue into 2015 with the goal of qualifying and competing at M&S Finals, Stirrup Cup Finals, and MAEF!

Dillon3 Dillon2 Dillon1 Dillon

Winston and Jessica have had a wonderful 2014 doing it all from trail riding, dressage shows, and hunter shows.  This pair has been successful at all they have done this year and have really kept it fun through all of their adventures.  Good Luck in 2015 as they jump higher and enjoy their time together in all disciplines.

Winston Winston1 Winston2

Oxford Blue (also known as Sully) and Shelby have formed a wonderful partnership since his arrival this summer.  This pair has successfully moved up to the children’s hunters and we look forward to their continued success throughout the new year.

Sully Sully1 Sully2 Sully3

Let It Ride (also known as Charlie) and Faith enjoyed a very successful summer and fall in the pre children’s by qualifying and competing at the M&S Finals, great ribbons at HITS and in the Boot and Bridle Medal Final.  This duo had a special bond and a wonderful year filled with lots of fun lessons in the field and special moments.  Good Luck for continued success, and lots of love to Charlie as he goes back to his other family and we hope to see him at the shows soon!

Charlie Charlie1 Charlie2 Charlie3

Alexander’s Moonwalk has had a great year with his girls Tabitha and Emma.  Tabitha started showing Zander this fall and they were Series Reserve Champion at Star Hollow Stables and had all successful shows in the Beginner Rider Division at the ECSJ shows. Emma and Zander were Reserve Champion at Brandywine and then finished 10th overall in the Children’s Hunter Pony Final at HITS week 6. This duo finished the year by winning the $2500 Love of Linda Hunter Derby. For 2015, this pair has qualified for Pony Finals in Kentucky at their second time out in the medium green division. Congratulations and here’s to continued success for Zander with Tabitha and Emma in 2015!

Zander5 Zander4 Zander3 Zander2 Zander1 Zander

Jelly Bean has entered the show ring with Emma this fall competing at the ECSJ shows and just recently at CJL where they earned 2nd in the Children’s Hunter Classic. BIG Thank You to Caitie because she has kept him going so well all year!

Jellybean Jellybean1 Jellybean2 Jellybean3

Instant Karma, usually known as Jazz, is our resident retiree.  He is enjoying his life of leisure and always is in a great mood! DebAnne and Jazz have enjoyed their walks together and all the grooming products!


Puttin’ On the Ritz and Issy have had a remarkable year!  This special pair were stars everywhere they went together. Champion at Middlesex; Class Winner at HITS; qualified, competed, and placed 7th at M&S Finals in HITS Hunters.  This fall, they finished 4th in the Boot and Bridle Medal Final. Ritz loved every minute of playing at the shows (and being awesome) and is now excited to start 2015 with Marta and Cory.  Good Luck to Cory as they start showing this winter!

Ritz4 Ritz3 Ritz2 Ritz1 Ritz

Osprey Lane and Christina have joined the Pembrook team this fall.  Congratulations on successful shows throughout the fall at Pembrook, Reserve Champion at Gleneayre, and a big congrats on a successful Mid Atlantic Equitation Festival were they placed 2nd and 6th.  Good Luck in 2015 as they head down to WEF to get out of the cold!

Lanie Lanie1 Lanie2 Lanie3

Axl Rose and Kendall, a pair of a lifetime! Axl and Kendall have had success and, most important a lot of fun throughout the summer. Axl assisted Kendall in qualifying for the National Ariat Adult Medal and qualified her for M&S Finals in the Adult Medal and Jr/Amateur Horsemanship Equitation Classes. He surely gives Kendall a good time and won two classes at M&S Finals! He loves a stadium setting. This winter he will be enjoying some rest at the farm while Kendall is away at college but is looking forward to the spring show season.

Axlrose Axlrose1 Axlrose2 Axlrose3

Last but definitely not least!

Wilhelm and Cristyn have had an amazing year! The pair has been so successful it’s hard to remember everything!  Champion and overall Children’s Champion at Brandywine week I and WON every classic both weeks (3 of them) and was reserve champion week II. Champion and Classic winner at Middlesex, and Monmouth and Reserve Champion at HITS 6 and second in the Classic. The $2500 Duncraven Hunter Derby was won by this pair at the end of the summer. In the fall, they qualified and competed at M&S Finals, where they finished 3rd in the Children’s Horse Medal out of over 70 entries. Then, they made it to the top 6 in the Children’s Hunters with strong ribbons at Capital Challenge and qualified for the WCHR Children’s Challenge and earned 7th in the final. The year was highlighted by qualifying for Zone II Hunter Finals were the pair won both fence classes and earned the Children’s Hunter Championship! This automatically qualifies them for next year’s zone II hunter finals.  Good Luck in 2015 as they start in the 3’3 Junior Hunters and begin their journey in qualifying for the junior hunter finals and the $250,000 hunter prix in Saugerties.


 Wil1 Wil2 Wil3 Wil4

We can’t forget our favorite summer resident, Party Boy with his family Anders and Kristen! The summer flew by but they had plenty of horse shows and lots of jumping in the field. Way to go Anders as they earned reserve champion both weeks at Brandywine, Duncraven and received great ribbons at the Stirrup Cup Finals in Harrisburg. But the best was jumping the skinny gate in the field! See you all when the temperature warms up.

Anders Anders1 Anders2 Anders3

And a special shout out to our horses and ponies that come to visit and show with us.

Congratulations to Tamara and Aria with Caribbean Beach, and Aria with Hillbilly Bone on qualifying and placing at the M&S Finals and to Aria qualifying and competing at the Mid Atlantic Equitation Festival.

Tamandaria Tamandaria1 Tamandaria2 Tamandaria3 Tamandaria4

Congratulations to Andrew and Glencoe Charter Party on being Reserve Champion at Brandywine in the green ponies and then Champion at M&S Finals in the children’s ponies! Good Luck to Elise as she continues Charter’s show career!

Charter Charter1 Charter2 Charter3 Charter4

Todd and Caitie have continued their winning ways by being Champion at most of the ECSJ shows in the large children’s ponies throughout the year and Champion versatility at the 4-H Fair.

Todd Todd1 Todd2

Calendar Girl has enjoyed success in the ECSJ circuit and at the 4-H Fair with Victoria and Jeanne throughout the year. We wish them continued success in 2015 as Victoria and “Callie” jump into the children’s hunters.

Callie Callie1

Prince Charming and Anna have enjoyed a successful show season in ECSJ in the baby green hunters and good luck in 2015.

Charming Charming1

Tiny Tunes and Robbie have formed a great partnership and look forward to 2015 in the children’s hunters. They have had a very successful start to the show season and here’s to continued success!

Robbie Robbie1 Robbie2

As 2014 came to a close, a special thank you to everyone for making the Love of Linda Benefit Horse Show such a success!  Its great we are able to give back to a local organization that does so much for our local community.

Linda Linda1 Linda2 Linda3 Linda4 Linda5 Linda6 Linda7 Linda8 Linda9

Here’s to all the riders and parents that continue to help and donate for the Thanksgiving fruit baskets and the Christmas Toy Drive that benefits St Cashmir’s.


A special shout out to our in house photographer, Becky, on capturing so many great moments! Thanks so much!!

What’s Coming?

The winter schooling shows are in full swing. Come out and enjoy the day, stay warm, and have lunch in the new viewing room while we stay sharp for the upcoming show season and M&S Finals.


The ECSJ Banquet is a week away and a Super Congratulations to all of our riders on an outstanding show season.  Check out for all the latest information.  We are all looking forward to dancing into the night! Pictures coming soon☺

Congratulations to all of our riders on their successful show season in ECSJ and to their great dancing moves! What a wonderful night!

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