Summer 2014 Inside Scoop

What Was……….?

Besides a very cold winter, we had a fun filled ECSJ Banquet where we danced all night, had great food and wonderful prizes! Congratulations to all of our riders on a great ribbon filled evening! Everyone looked fabulous!

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When we weren’t dancing to the beat we were riding to the rhythm to beat the cold………
Good job to all our riders on a successful winter as we showed at Baymar, Duncraven, Horse Park, Dreampark, and Pembrook.

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The cold winter made us really appreciate this wonderful spring we have had, and we were all happy to get outside and show!

We had great horse shows:


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Garden State

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Blue Rock

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HITS II in Saugerties

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All of our riders earned great ribbons.

Special congratulations to all our riders earning great ribbons. Some of our Spring Highlights include:

Izzy and Puttin on the Ritz earning champion at Garden State


Caitie and Gingersnap earning reserve champion at Garden State and champion at Blue Rock


Cristyn and Wilhelm earning Champion at Duncraven, 4th in classic at Garden State and 2nd in classic at HITS

Kendall and Axl Rose earning champion at Garden State, and winning the Ariat at Blue Rock


Faith and Let It Ride earning the champion at HITS and 2nd in the Classic

Danielle and Sabotage Z earning 3rd at Garden State and 9th at Devon

Olivia and Richtig earning a blue ribbon and a purple ribbon at Devon and 2nd in the Ariat at Blue Rock


Rachel and Fortissimo earning ribbons at Garden State, Blue Rock and HITS in the hunter and eq


Emma and Hillcrest Leading Lady and Zander earning 3rd in the medal at Garden State and HITS and 5th in the classic at HITS


and to all of our riders at the Pembrook Farm Shows earning great ribbons as well! We are off to a good start of great riding for 2014…..

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What Is……?

Congratulations to Danielle and Sabotage Z on qualifying for the USEF Pessoa Medal, we are so proud of you! Let the countdown to Harrisburg begin.

Welcome back Party Boy with Kristen and Anders! The summer has finally begun………

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What’s Coming…..?

Let’s get ready for 5 great weeks of summer camp with our adorable ponies and a full summer show schedule! In the next few weeks good luck to our riders as we head to Middlesex County at the Horse Park, 2 weeks of Brandywine, Hunterdon Co at Duncraven, Gladstone Horse Show, Star Hollow, and HITS. Good Luck to Danielle and Sabotage Z as they will compete in the Hunterdon Cup at the Junior Hunter Finals in July!

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