Winter 2014

What Was………..?


The holiday parties were a lot of fun! Special thanks to Becky for the great video of the year in review! What a great year it was!! Lots of great memories with our horses and ponies and our friends! It has been a wonderful year with great riding and lots of laughs and lots of hugging our horses and ponies. We also donated more toys for toys for tots this year than ever before!


The Thanksgiving Basket Party was another huge success this year, thank you for all your help. The baskets were beautiful as always!

Our last Pembrook Farm show was a lovely day with lots of friends reuniting and having a great time! It was great to have our girls home from college for the event and to see lots of new partnerships with our riders and their new mounts coming together. Congratulations to all of our riders on a nice end of the show season!

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The 2nd Annual Mid Atlantic Equitation Championship was once again a wonderful event! A lovely horse show with great prizes! Congratulations to Shelby and Best In Blue as they were 1st in the first class in the division, and then 3rd in the 2’6 Equitation Final on Sunday. Danielle rode Cipriani and earned a 6th place on the flat in her age group. And Rachael meet Fortissimo!

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The Gleneayre Hunter Derby was a huge success and as always a lovely horse show! Congratulations to Shelby and Best in Blue winning the $2500 Hunter Derby. Also, 3rd place to Danielle and Furst Laugh and to 12th place Rachael and Marvel. Way to go riders!

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Kendall and Sabotage Z wrapped up their Junior Career with a trip to the National Horse Show in Lexington, KY! Words can not express how proud we are of you that you made it through Regionals to show at the Maclay Finals! What a wonderful fall we had watching you compete at the most prestigious competitions in the country including the Kentucky National, the USEF Medal Finals at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show, the very demanding, intense USET Finals in Gladstone, and then the Maclay Finals at the National Horse Show in Lexington, KY. You rode beautifully and Sabotage looked quite good too!

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The Love of Linda Benefit Horse Show was a huge success!

pink jump

Big Thank You to Bill and Becky Tomlin for making the signature jump!

Thanks to everyone that helped with this event to make it a great day for a worthy cause! The children’s fair and art show was a great addition even if there were a few rain drops. Thank you to everyone that came and supported the event! We were able to raise $4000 for Love of Linda!

art show

The first annual $2500 Hunter Derby was great with over 25 entries! The Boot & Bridle Medal Final was great with 15 riders qualifying and the top 8 being called back to test on the flat. Special Thank You to Andrea and Mike at The Boot & Bridle for sponsoring this class and awarding such wonderful prizes! Congratulations to all of our riders, on such a special day, for riding so well and having such a great time!

Boot & Bridle Medal Final
1 Cristyn Edwards
2 Danielle Walawender
3 Shelby Haryslak
4 Devon Bry
5 Caitlyn Tomlin
6 Dara Baker
7 Emma Covarrubias
8 Faith Jurasinski

$2500 Love of Linda Hunter Derby
1 Sabotage Z with Kendall Casaccio
2 Gingersnap with Cristyn Edwards
3 Best In Blue with Shelby Haryslak
4 Jelly Bean with Caitlyn Tomlin
5 Furst Laugh with Danielle Walawender
6 Fox Ridge Penelope with Katie Hess
7 Along Came Carter with Dara Baker
8 Sky’s the Limit with Rachael Condon
9 Simple Serendipity with Lisa Skala
10 Cover Girl with Kelsey Byrd

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At 7pm, after the Love of Linda Horse Show, we were pumped to head to Harrisburg, Pa for the Zone II Hunter Finals! It is an achievement to qualify and then even more rewarding to earn ribbons! Congratulations to Danielle and Furst Laugh on qualifying for the Junior Hunters and then earning ribbons of 3rd, 6th, and 7th! Congratulations to Cristyn and Gingersnap on their Reserve Championship in the Large Children’s Hunters by earning a 1 st and 4th over fences. Cristyn and Gingersnap also had the highest score of the day!! What a wild weekend and What a great last horse show for these two wonderful pairs of horse and rider!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Marshall & Sterling Finals was a great week of great riding and lots of fun (and of course the cupcake social)! Congratulations to all of our riders that qualified and gave such a good performance. Emma and All Daddy’s Silver for a ribbon in the hunters; Caitie and Jelly Bean making the cut on the flat and making each trip better and better; Shelby and Best in Blue for making the top 12 in the Bit O Straw and the 2’6 Medal; Danielle and Furst Laugh on a second and third in the hunters and receiving a score of 89; and to Cristyn and Gingersnap on placing in every over fences class, winning the Hudson Eq and 3rd in the Child Pony Medal Final. Congratulations to Devon and Gralix, and to Cristyn and Gingersnap for receiving year end ribbons at the banquet on Friday night.

M&S photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

What is………?

Lots of new partnerships!!!
Here is to a great new year with our new favorite friends;
Fortissimo with Rachael
Let It Ride with Faith
Sabotage Z with Danielle
Alexander’s Moonwalk with Emma
Hillcrest’s Leading Lady with Tabitha and Emma
Righting with Olivia
Wilhelm with Cristyn
Gingersnap with Caitie

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What’s Coming……….?

The Pembrook Farm Schooling Show is scheduled for January 25th.


Mark your calendars for the ECSJ Banquet on February 22nd! A great night at the Carriage House in Galloway with great awards, Chinese auction, and lots of dancing. Check out the ECSJ website for more information, to check your points, get your invitation, if you are a senior in high school or currently in college apply for the scholarship, and sign up for your 2014 membership at

Here is to a great 2014 and to great memories of a wonderful 2013.