2013 Spring Update


What Was?

This Spring was full of jumping, jumping, and more jumping!! We had great horse shows here at Pembrook, Duncraven, and Garden State. Special THANK YOU to Becky Tomlin, our wonderful photographer, for capturing so many great moments! So many great pictures! Congratulations to all of our riders with their wonderful horses and ponies on earning great ribbons!


IMG_9447 IMG_9505 IMG_9539 IMG_9722 IMG_9877 IMG_9897 IMG_9904_2 IMG_9927_2 jbjumpingIMG_0096 IMG_0108 IMG_0196 IMG_0227 IMG_0239 IMG_0279 IMG_0364 IMG_0421 IMG_0425 IMG_0434 IMG_0481 IMG_0496 IMG_0526 IMG_0536 IMG_0600 IMG_0612IMG_9998

Children’s Jumper Classic

Awesome video of Devon and Gralix going double clear in the Children’s Jumper Classic at Garden State

Special Congratulations to Kendall and Sabotage Z on qualifying for 2013 Regional Maclay Finals and Medal Finals.

What Is?


Welcome Kobus! Congratulations to Emily and Kobus. Good Luck on having a wonderful summer together, so exciting!

What Is Coming?

The summer scheldule is packed! Good Luck to Danielle, Kendall, and Olivia at Devon. Pick up a show scheldule in the barn and we can start planning! Lots of great horse shows coming up for everyone and summer camp for our new riders. Tally Ho!