Fall 2012

What Was?

The October 20th Pembrook Farm Horse Show was a huge success and we were able to donate $3500 for the Love of Linda Cancer Foundation! Thank you to our generous sponsors and to everyone that gave and supported this wonderful orginization. Special thanks to Lee and Corinne Robinson, Bob and Josephine Rink, Craig and Sherry Jurasinski, Michelle and Jim from the Bull and the Bear Tavern, Paul and Jill Casaccio, Michelle Fabian, Jan and Tom Gluyas, Lori and Jeff Johnson, Sam Valtri, Jay and Pat Green, and Bill at Kindle Ford.

This will be an annual event and hopefully it will continue to grow every year.

Congratulations to all of our students on an excellent show and a wonderful costume class.


The Boot & Bridle Medal Final and the Pembrook Hunter Derby was very exciting, especially the victory gallops! Special shout out to our Boot and Bridle ribbon winners. 1st place Kendall and Sabotage Z, 2nd place Cristyn and Gingersnap, 4th place Faith and Puttin’ On the Ritz, 6th place Shelby and Piper Bay, and 7th place to Caitlyn Tomlin and Jelly Bean. Congratulations to all 15 that qualified. It was a very exciting final. Special THANK YOU to Andrea and Mike at the Boot and Bridle for sponsoring this class and all the great awards!

Congratulations to our Derby winners too! 1st place Kendall and Sabotage Z, 2nd place Devon and Gralix, 5th place Tina and The Cowboy, and 6th place Emily and Windesi out of 17 horses.


Congratulations to Wilhelm and Emily, The winner of the $2500 Gleneyre Hunter Derby out of 55.

And Kendall and Sabotage Z with 4th place. Congratulations to all our riders; Emma, Devon, Kendall, Cristyn, Caitie and Emily on this cold and windy day! Especially the pony babies winning blue ribbons under the lights with Caitlyn and Cristyn! SO PROUD






What Is?

It is official. The Pembrook Horse Show has been rescheduled to December 2nd. We will post a new time schedule on the horse show page soon. We will use the sand ring and indoor if the weather is cold but you never know what might happen with mother nature and just maybe we can jump on the grass one more time before old man winter comes. Keep your fingers crossed!

What’s Coming?

Save your baskets to make Thanksgiving Fruit and Candy Baskets again on Monday November 19th. We will have a pizza party after lessons. With Hurricanne Sandy lots of people are in need. Bring your DVD’s of your horse show rounds so we can watch and cheer!